Membership Rewards

Membership Rewards (Aka MR) is the destination within the American Express site where cardmembers can redeem their accumulated points for a variety of benefits, including gift cards, points transfer, statement credit for individual transactions. The goal of the redesign is user-friendly flows, visual consistency in user interface design and overall user experience to increase engagement.

Research & Strategy

When I joined the team, the MR checkout process was too complex and inefficiency. I was taking this opportunity to streamline the user flows, remove a lot of variances in the copy, and reduce the number of fields on the page. In addition, support for other platforms. Before sketching any ideas, I created user flows to help me understand how the user moves through the checkout. This helped me analyze every step of the task so I could improve it and make it easier for users.


Starts off with whiteboarding sessions and initial paper sketches. This engagement leads to discovery of more complex and subtle issues and conflicts during the design process, and allows us to iterate quickly on issues that might otherwise not come up until very late in the process, requiring significant rework.

I moved my best ideas to create low fidelity wireframes. I focused on:

Single Page Check Out


Editable Cart Items, price visibility through out the checkout and form validation




Design Method

Paper sketch, User flow, User Survey, Wireframing, Mid and High-fidelity Prototyping, Usability Testing

My Role

Wireframing, Prototyping, Interaction Design, UX Specifications, UI design, Coordination with engineers