Open Question Repository App

Learningpod, an innovative in-house startup that backed by Kaplan, is an open question repository and assessment engine that frees questions from expensive and closed systems.

My role was user research, information architect, wireframing, prototyping, interaction design, in-person usability testing, development planing, coordination with engineers, UI design, design system

Research & Strategy

User Story

As an Educator, I would like to find and assign so that I can targeted practice sets ("pods") and track your students' progress.
As a student, I would like to study for quizzes or tests so that I can practicing questions online and get immediate feedback.
As a publisher, I would like to reach new audiences so that I can inroduce my existing contents.
As a developers,I would like to provide robust ecosystem, so that I can save on content costs and reduce the time to market for users.


Our team were focused on teachers assignment tools that make it easy to send practice sets, reporting tools that show how their students are performing at a glance, and question authoring tools that are clean and friendly to use.

We ran through the different personas to find the best design solution. We encourage strong ideas at this important stage of development to move away from more conventional solutions.

Creating userflows has allowed me to map out the task flows I ultimately want users to journey through. I've worked directly with instructional designers to refine these flows for engineering teams. The flow also evolves with the refinement of the design and vice versa.

Sketch, Wireframe, Testing & Feedback Loop


flowchart - Usage (700k)

wireframe - question bank (136k)

wireframe - question editor (553k)

flowchart - sign up & log in (300k)

wireframe - practice on mobile (2.4mb)